Estate Planning

One of the most important steps to protect your loved ones.  Manage your assets and plan for the future as we carefully consider your specific situation.

Trust Administration

An estate plan is only effective when properly administered.  Let us guide you through the process of marshaling assets, paying debts, and distributing property.


Probate is the court-supervised public process of transferring legal title of an estate to beneficiaries.  If you have been named an Executor, let us help you navigate the labyrinthine probate process.

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The Ferrera Law Firm

The Ferrera Law Firm provides you with sensible and affordable estate planning solutions, regardless of the size of your personal estate, by helping you and your loved ones avoid unnecessary headaches and expenses. We craft your estate plan with the utmost care and attention, meeting your specific needs and objectives. We help you take control of your assets and ensure your wishes are followed. Our ultimate goal is to empower you, so that you can feel safe and secure in knowing your desires will be followed no matter what may happen in the future.

  • Care & Attention
  • Crafted for Your Specific Needs
  • Feel Secure In Knowing Your Wishes Will Be Followed
  • A Unique Approach for Each Person
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Our most effective advertising comes from those who know us best – our clients:

The best compliment an attorney can give to another attorney is a referral.  Having known and worked with Skye for many years, I never hesitate to recommend her legal services to clients in the greater Sacramento area.  The clients I have referred to Skye have found an attorney able to understand and navigate the complicated emotional, financial, and legal issues that inevitably arise over a lifetime.  In other words, Skye has the head and the heart required to be a great estate planning attorney.
Brian O'Toole, Esq
Hanson O'Toole, LLP
I have been very satisfied with the help I got from Skye Ferrera in updating my estate plan. She was very professional and helped me understand certain aspects of my previously drafted Trust that I didn’t understand.
Carol P.
stay at home mother of three
Working with Skye was such a pleasant experience and she made the process of creating my estate plan simple. She worked around my schedule and traveled to my home for our meetings. Skye explained the components of my estate plan clearly and helped me understand the importance of creating a trust to protect my assets for my family. I would recommend Skye without hesitation.
Doris S.
retired flight attendant and small business owner


Take hold of your future and let us guide you through the process of ensuring your wishes are executed.